We’ll mentor, train and coach you to land a non-coding tech career in 3-6 months

Pay a $1500-2000 upfront and pay the rest of the tuition only after you’ve landed a job. No prior tech experience needed. Seriously! We have helped hundreds of professionals to get jobs in agile roles, so we know that it works..

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Everything You Need To

Succeed as an Agile Expert

The Internet has made opportunities available that were impossible to land just a few years ago. At the same time, there is a content overload with very little direction on how to apply that to kickstart your career in Agile. We will not only teach you the content you need to know, but also guide you to start your career and excel at your career.

Top Notch Curriculum in Agile Practices
Learn how to become an Agile Business Analyst or Scrum Master. This is probably the only training where you get to be a part of an actual product development team where you get to apply everything you learn and walk away with real experience.
No Tech Experience Required
No coding or technical experience necessary. We have iterated and improved our training content and curriculum to the point we are very confident that we can help you land that role of a Business Analyst or a Scrum Master
Income Sharing Agreement (ISA) Option Available
$0 upfront. No loans. Instead, you pay a small portion of your salary only after you land a job as a Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Product Owner or Product Manager.
Backed by Job Guarantee
Follow our program and we guarantee you’ll receive a $55k+ job offer in an agile environment. You don’t start the payment until you start your new role. If you get accepted into the program, we work with you on 1:1 basis to get you a role in 90-120 days.
Learn from Anywhere
All you need is a laptop and good internet. We are a remote-first company. Thus, our training and coaching sessions are optimized for remote members. Since, there are a lot of remote positions open in the market.
Industry Certification
We are authorized ICAgile and Scaled Agile training partners, and we are skilled at delivering this training to anyone that is new to technology and product development.
Made For You

Here is what differentiates The Agile Coach

  • Learn Your Fundamentals
  • Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Business Analysis, User stories, Product Strategy, Product Ownership etc…

  • Industry Certifications & Real Experience in Product Development
  • Get industry-known certifications from ICAgile, Scaled Agile, IIBA, and The Agile Coach. Acquire analysis and facilitation skills by working in a real product development setting where you apply what you are learning and get feedback from your mentor. This also goes in your resume as an experience.

  • Mentorship and 1:1 Feedback
  • As you finish your initial training and certifications, we’ll pair you with a mentor to help you better understand the agile roles, assist with resume preparation, personal branding, and interview preparation and provide you with feedback.

  • Personal Branding
  • Resume preparation, LinkedIn branding, learning how to brand yourself as a Scrum Master or an Agile Business Analyst.

  • Coaching & Mentorship on Effective Interviewing
  • Weeks of mock interviews with mentors who are already working as a Scrum Master or Business Analyst, get real feedback, and iterate on answering interview questions effectively. Understand recruiters and hiring manager’s mindset.

  • Mindset on Applying and Negotiation
  • People put in countless applications and don’t hear back, we’ll teach you what works to get in front of recruiters, land interviews, and ace those interviews to land a role as a Scrum master or Business Analyst. Most people are terrified when negotiating; all companies expect you to negotiate; we’ll give you the mindset and help you negotiate after you land the role.


Continue to be part of The Agile Coach community.

  • As you land a role, we provide you with 1:1 coaching to make sure your first few weeks and months are smooth and you succeed at your new role.
  • You also become part of the community where you can meet weekly to participate in community practice and talk about real issues and challenges you face at your work. You not only get feedback from us but also other alumni that are working in the field just like you.
  • Get access to the Agile Coach podcast, where we bring in industry experts weekly and pick their mindset that can help you advance your mindset and skills.

Our Alumni work at

Our Program Curriculum

A private, community focused live classes

What You Will Learn
  • Master popular agile practices such as scrum, kanban, and scrumban, enabling you to land and excel in any agile position
  • How to provide business analysis and product ownership in a scrum environment
  • Assist in your organization's agile transformation
  • Advanced BA techniques: MVP, prototyping, user story maps and more
  • Clear and effective communication skills with teams and stakeholders
  • Active listening and understanding
  • Curiosity, leadership, the agile mindset, and everything you need to know to become a successful business analyst
  • You'll learn how to embrace the agile mindset to help organizations evolve
  • Learn how to communicate with recruiters and hiring managers
  • Weeks of mock interviews to confidently tackle the recruiting process and get hired

Week 1 - Week 2

This stage is your orientation; meet your cohort mates, learn the agile fundamentals (intro to scrum, business analyst, scrum master), set working agreements as a team for the rest of the sessions.


Week 3 - Week 5

Beyond fundamentals, it’s now time to put what you’ve been learning into practice. You will be divided into two teams and work on an actual product, gathering requirements, analyzing, and facilitating—a mix of case studies & one in-depth assignment to apply theory to practice.


Week 6 - Week 8

With the project & agile content under your belt, get into the depths of the roles. Learn how to polish your skills, and anti-patterns in the roles. By this time, you’ll start to come to mock interviews and practice what you have learned. We’ll start teaching you personal branding, building out your resume and LinkedIn.


Week 9 - and beyond

You should have most of your certification by now. We'll work on polishing your resume, start talking to recruiters, continue the mock interviews and 1:1 sessions with your mentor. Iterate and refine your interviews and skills you need to land the role.

Program details

This is a program with built-in accountability, guidance and personal mentorship from me to unlock your full potential.

Applying Process

1. Apply Online

We have a short online application for us to get to know you a little bit.

2. Discovery Call with our Admission’s officer

If this is a good fit, we will schedule a quick 30 minutes call to give you details of the program

3. Interview with our Admissions Officer

We will have a follow-up call to discuss the admission criteria.

4. Acceptance into the program

We go over the onboarding items if you get accepted into the immediate cohort!

5. Complete the training and start applying

We help you to learn the skillsets, mindset, and tools to succeed in a new role. You will be assigned a mentor to help you through the interview process.

6. We help you with salary negotiation and prepare you for your new role!

We are your broker for helping you negotiate a higher salary and help you get ready for your new job!


Next Cohort is currently underway

Applications for the next cohort will start in January, 2023. We currently offer cohorts a few times a year and applications are based on merit.

Fill out this form to submit your application and be notified about updates.

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